GURPS: The Known World

Session III: Tomb Raiders

Inside the Pillars of Night

III Session: Inside the Pillars of Night

After the battle with the giant animated statue, we suddenly find our selves missing a party member. Caldor Tremelor the Blessed, Chosen of Thenares, has fallen down a trap door and there’s no way to get him back. After a quick debate the consensus is to move on without him.

The band of heroes therefore consists of Decius Malthus, the Man-Lion, Ecco Fat-fellow, the halfling marksman, Harlon Thane, Son of Ungol, and Corwin Giantson the Barbarian. At this point they are trapped (by their own doing) inside the old temple now known as the Pillars of Night. Outside an army tries to knock down the huge stone doors. Inside waits Narash the ancient demon and its chosen champion.

As we decide to move on, Ecco suddenly finds a very well hidden door. He quickly uses his nimble fingers and special tools and opens it. We enter a long dark hallway with ancient gobelins and runes portraying and describing how Anak the powerful orc shaman or maybe warlock begins the cult known as the Hand of Narash, their first struggles and ancient victories, and their rise to power in the region. We truly believe we are on the right path.

Corwin spots a mysterious Eye on the wall, which looks like its some sort of keyhole/door mechanism. Ecco claims to ‘see’ a door around it. Since the hallway ends in a cave-in, and we cannot find any sort of trigger, Corwin decides to pound on the Eye. No wonder barbarians have a reputation as being violent. A white blind blinds us, and while we try to gather our selves, we are attacked. Ecco stumbles and is hit hard. Corwin defends Ecco bravely and cuts of one the assailants hands. As the blinding lights clear we see that the attackers are some sort of giant zombies with gray skin and big tusks. Corwin and Decius hack them to pieces. We are a bit puzzled about the looks of the giant zombies since none of us have even heard about a race that the monsters could have been before becoming undeads.

As Ecco searches the rooms nearby, he is attacked by one of the giant spiders that live in the ancient tunnel system around the ancient temple. Decius quickly dispatches it. Somewhere out in the tunnels we here Caldor Tremelor’s warcry. The Chosen is obviously still alive and fighting strong against all odds.

We press on and Ecco finds another hidden door. This one maybe a bit more obvious since the hallway kind of went that way. On the other side we find two human and three orc guards. Leading them is our former Order compatriot Sir Drac Evenford, the Order paladin of Thenares. We quickly slay the guards, but are unusually hesitant when it comes to Sir Drac. After some opening remarks, Sir Drac offers us wine and try to explain his situation. He is now a champion of the demon Narash, and although it is clearly evil, he believes he is still fighting the good fight, only this time for evil for the greater good. The man is clearly possessed, and we see no other line of action than to release him from his possessor. We unleash punishment on like there’s no tomorrow, but the man has clearly been enhanced in skill after submitting to the will of Narash. Corwin’s feet is swept from underneath him and he falls prone and Decius’ neck takes another huge hit. Add one more scar to the count. In the end the sheer pounding gets to him, though, and Sir Drac falls lifeless to the ground beaten to death.

Before we have time to rejoice a blue light over an ancient alter suddenly appears. It is Narash himself, or at least an aspect of him, and he is surprised, but not enraged as one might expect. He offers any of us the opportunity to be his champion and carry forth his name and power unto the world. We all pass, although it looks like both Corwin and Ecco contemplates the idea, while Decius passes out from sheer exhaustion. After being denied a champion, Narash is furious. Corwin isn’t afraid, though, and after some mighty swings from his enchanted axe, Narash is crushed. The body of Narash explodes and we all leave by a small whole in the mountain. While escaping we at one point overlook the camped army in bloody infight. Orc vs human, troll vs giant and so on. Our work here is done. The power of the Pillars of Night are broken!


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Session III: Tomb Raiders

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