Sir Drac Evonford


Sir Drac is a Holy Warrior of Thenos, and a member of the Order.

Recently, he crusaded against the Hand of Naarash, a Demon-worshipping Cult of Antaeus. He has not since been heard from.

It turned out that Sir Drac Evonford was turned to the dark side by Naarash, a foul Demon of Antaeus. He was defeated by the party in his lair, due to the flanking tactics employed by Ecco “Fat Fellow” and the brute force of Corwin Giantson, Harlon Thane and Decius Malthus.

He was the wearer of the helmet of Triturius the Warlord, a Callusian general of great renown. The helmet is imbued with mighty magics, and is currently worn by Decius Malthus.

Sir Drac Evonford

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