Tag: enemy


  • Akteh

    Akteh was an evil Necromancer terrorizing the village of Clearwater, forcing the peaceful villagers to provide him with bodies for his zombie army. He was slain and beheaded by Corwin.

  • Carneiro

    Carneiro was a much-feared barbarian reaver known for his jet-black axe of dwarven make. He was a slayer of innocents, and his disappearance a few years ago was not mourned. It turned out that he was ambushed by the villagers of Clearwater who gave him …

  • Sir Drac Evonford

    Sir Drac is a Holy Warrior of Thenos, and a member of the Order. Recently, he crusaded against the Hand of Naarash, a Demon-worshipping Cult of Antaeus. He has not since been heard from. It turned out that Sir Drac Evonford was turned to the dark …