The World


Born from the words of the Gods, The Known World was forged from the swirling vortex of Chaos. The Gods willed forth earth, wind, fire and water. Thus, they shaped the world and gave it life. And, from the Darkness they brought Light. But with the bringing of Light, Shadow fell. A shadow of the Gods themselves fell across the land. These Dark forces, reflections of the Creator Gods, would not remain content to impotently mimic their twins of Light. The Shadow could not be without Light, and the Light could not be without Shadow. In time, the shadowy forces grew jealous of the Creator Gods – thus, they created Life of their own – dark, twisted Life.

The Millennial War

The creation of these parodies of Life angered the Creator Gods greatly. Thus began the Millennial War. Man against monster, Angel against Demon, God against God. The armies of each side marched to war for their masters, billions dying in a thousand year war that spanned The Known World. Magical cataclysms wracked the world. Seas boiled. Mountains crumbled. Fire froze and the skies burned. Kull, one of the Creator Gods, were hard pressed against his foes. Sacrificing the souls of all his Angels, he shrouded The Known World in a winter without end, killing the vast majority of Life. Thus, the Millennial War ended.

The Age of Ice

For thousands of years, the Known World was shrouded in ice. Many small settlements of men endured, but many more succumbed. Isolated, mankind lost much knowledge. Every hand was needed to survive the cold, and still most children born to men died within their first year. The Gods, bereft of worship, finally set aside their differences; for the first time, the Gods of Men, Elves and Dwarves could reason with the mad deities of Shadow and Evil. Almost powerless without followers, they united against Kull. They formed a Compact; together, they would fashion a Champion of unparalleled power, and use him to break Kull’s grip on the World. They called him: Palâdin... Palâdin ventured forth and met Kull at the heart of his power. Slaying his horrific minions by the score, Palâdin soon faced the frozen monstrosity. Summoning the aid of ancient Abashi, the Black Doom, Palâdin successfully overthrew Kull, breaking his infernal grip on the land…

Age of Rebirth

After the Fall of Kull, the ice melted and the peoples of the World flourished. When life wasn’t a daily fight for survival, nations formed and made war upon each other. Nations rose and fell, alliances would form and collapse and Magic was rediscovered, although the Elves would likely dispute that it ever disappeared. With the nations of Men competing, the Orks have seized the opportunity to rise to great power. To the North, barely human bands of marauders march under dark banners and sailors crossing the oceans tell of a sinister feeling from beneath the waves. It is a time of High Adventure!

The World

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