0 Fall of Kull

55 Pallid founded

170 Sunder founded

184 Caliphate of Ashmelech founded

224 Thenares founded

249 Three Realms founded

260 First Sunder-Thenares War. Sunder is victorious

284 Second Sunder-Thenares War. Retaliatory action by Thenares

304 Grigori founded

309 First Crusade of Thenos. A mighty host of crusaders from Thenares descend upon the unsuspecting Caliphate of Ashmelech, creating much havoc

334 Sunder attacks Three Realms, is rebuffed

495 Second Crusade of Thenos. This is unsuccessful, the ghazi of the Caliphate bloodying the crusaders

517 Pallid attacks Thenares, Three Realms and Sunder. King Dehaiamat of Pallid raises a great army of dark and evil creatures. The battle is described in the Pallid chapter, and resulted in the creation of the Wraithplains

538 A mighty host of barbarians, demons and worse march south from Astrakhan. The Durgan of Rockhome join forces with Grigori to repel them. The battle seemed lost, when a great host of Ellyllon cavalry appeared, routing the dark forces

577 Emperor Callus founds the Empire of Callus. Constant conflict since then

589 Third Crusade of Thenos. The crusaders enjoyed early succes, but a pox forced them to retreat. They claim that sorcerers of the Caliphate used necromancy to raise a plague

628 Thenares attack Grigori, Grigori proves more than capable of defending their territories. Many Grigori adventurers contributed to the victory

635 The Battle at Botley

642 The armies of the Caliphate, the Empire and Thenares are rattling their swords, demons and orks roam the North, Necromantic cabals exist in unsuspecting cities and the Durgan speak of living darkness devouring their outposts.

643 Adventurer’s purge the Pillars of Night, saving many eastern settlements from the wrath of the Hand of Naarash. Bararom is assaulted by a large Orc host, and is victorious. The People of War are said to be on the rise, but Callusian forces to the North are not bolstered. Thenares is recruiting mercenaries and training soldiers, as hatred for the Triumvirate and the Caliphate of Ashmelech is spread by the clergy of Thenos.


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