GURPS: The Known World

Session VII: Intro

After the Death of a Thane

_“Because I could not stop for Death _

_He kindly stopped for me. _

The Carriage held but just Ourselves -

And Immortality.”

On the day the 1st Cohort and its victorious auxiliary forces were to leave the culled city of al-Abyad, a lone figure sat by the mound that was Harlon Thanes last gift to the world and is now his final resting place. He sat completely still and had been sitting there for a while in deep thought or prayer.

None of the guards dared approach him for the stories about him in the Army of Light were many and enough to give a certain caution when accosting him. It was said, he was the first over the wall and in the city – and alone at that. That he was the reason the defense line was in disorder, when Sir Calder Tremelor was first through the breach at the Purge of al-Abyad only seconds after the explosion by Ecco Fat-Fellow, even though no one saw him. He certainly was one of only three survivors fighting the Chosen Champion of the Triumvirate and his elite guards. A Chosen Champion distinguished and renowned throughout the Caliphate for his skill and valor. That it was his timely turn up that saved some of the most celebrated and recognized heroes in the Army of Light and were the only reason they ‘only’ lost one. And that when he carried out the body of Harlon Thane his tears stricken chins was the only bloodless part of him and that there were murder and vengeance in his eyes.

His eyes could not be seen now but his body was, even sitting still, poised as a lion ready to strike. Suddenly he bowed his head in a final show of respect and whispered something and then he walked away towards his company, his friends. Apparently he had come to some agreement with himself or something else. Not many got to see his face or his eyes when he went, but those who did bowed away in fear. And to those with very sharp ears his whispering sounded like: “I’m sorry. I came too late.”

When he reached the camp, Corwin Giantson was waiting for him. They spoke a few words each and then nodded, apparently agreeing on something. None of them were smiling but there was a deadly fire in their eyes!


For fanden da, super!


Session VII: Intro

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