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Legends from the Age of Ice

The Fall of Kull

The Gods gathered around the man in their midst, each of them bent on using his power to enhance the human’s strength, speed and prowess, for without the power of the them all, the man would stand no chance against his adversary. The man looked around with no fear. He wasn’t afraid of neither good nor evil, shadow nor light, and he would have met his opponent even without this help. With the ending of the ritual coming closer, each of the finished gods left the holy site, for to linger would give their opponents able opportunity to slay them. In the end only a select few remained, each baring a gift to the man; the Necklace of Black Winter with incredible powers of magic negation and cold resistance, the Horn of Dragons that could call upon the powerful dragon, Abashi the Black Doom, the mighty Hammer of Destruction and the fabled Sword of the Titan, neither of which have been seen since. The man was ready to set out on his quest to save the world, for he was about to track down Kull himself and deliver to him the final justice. They named him Palâdin!

Being true to his name, Palâdin wasted no time to track down Kull. On his trusted stead, Juggernaut, he travelled towards the mountain that was Kull’s earthly powerbase, the Bastion of Endless Winter, destroying everything in his path. No monster or beast could stand more than a few seconds against this mighty force of Good, and his powerful arms swung the Sword of the Titan like it was a part of him. On the slopes of the Ice Mountain awaited the most powerful of Kull’s servants. They all wanted to be the slayer of the Champion of all the Gods, but instead they went down one by one. Palâdin seemed invincible and dealt quick death to all who opposed him.

When Palâdin reached the top and the infamous Gates of Ice, which had never been breached by any foe, it only took one swing from the Hammer of Destruction to bring down the gate and allow Palâdin to enter. There he found that Kull himself waited, and the Creator Gods are extremely powerful and especially so the god known as the God of Winter.

Palâdin was forced to leave Juggernaut behind when he entered the Bastion, so he blew the Horn of Dragons and called upon Abashi the Black Doom to aid him instead. Together they flew in and faced Kull in the center of his home. It was extremely cold, but the necklace protected Palâdin against the magical winter and all of Kull’s magic. Enraged Kull drew his gigantic Axe of Eternal Darkness and met Palâdin head on in melee. The fight was unbelievable. Two of the mightiest warriors to have ever lived fought for days, neither willing to bow down or able to gain the upper hand. Palâdin was smaller but quicker and he had help from one of the most powerful dragons in the Known World, but Kull was an Elder God and had millennial years of experience.

In the end Palâdin was victorious and the winter without end was lifted. No one except Abashi the Black Doom know exactly how, but what is known is that Necklace of Black Winter had a curse upon it, and it strangled Palâdin seconds after his victory. Who placed the curse is unknown, but it is speculated that it was the either the God of Magic or the Shadow God. It is also known that Abashi the Black Doom was named the Black Doom after that incident and it is now the most feared dragon in the Known World. Neither of the weapons or the other artifacts used in the gigantic struggled has ever been seen since, although, it is rumored that Abashi the Black Doom collected the artifacts and hid them.

From The Fall of Kull and other Myths of the Ice Age by Epicurus the Disbeliever



Det var en sjov session!

Legends from the Age of Ice

Det var en rigtig sjov session. Desværre er det så lang tid siden, så jeg kan ikke huske alle detaljerne. Derfor er det blevet mere overordnet. I øvrigt kunne Decius godt bruge Sword of the Titan (eller hvad du har lyst til at kalde det). Bare til orientering. ;)

Legends from the Age of Ice

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