Decius Malthus

Amerin. Brutish with long, wild blond, yellow and redish mane. Low growl like a lion when angry.


ST: 14

DX: 13

IQ: 10

HT: 11

Basic speed: 6

HP: 16

Per: 10 (11 vision)

Will: 10


Unusual Background

Combat Reflexes

Lifting ST x1

Shapechange (Lion)

Acute Vision x1


High Pain Threshold


Rapid Healing

Extended Life x2

Penetrating Voice

Shield Wall Training

Quick Sheath (Sword)


Deep Sleeper


Bad Tember (12 or less)



Code of Honour (Soldier’s)

Vow (Kill Sasim)

Intolerence : Ashmelek

Phobia Darkness (minor 15+)

Sense of Duty (Small Group)

Secret – Deserter (Severe Embarassement)


Unusual Feature (Lion’s nose and mane)



Dislikes Seasnakes (and sailing)

Notable skills:

Can change into a lion form in 5 seconds. Otherwise he uses either two broad swords or a broad sword and a large, spiked shield.

Weapon skill for either figting style is 15 (including -1 in lion form).

Parry is either 11 or 14 (with shield).

Looks to be 19, but is in fact 80.

DM can use Polearms, axes, maces, spears and swords. He is a very versatile fighter as are all Legionaries. Further more he is an experienced forward observer/ scout and can fight as a skirmisher.

Skills: Animal Handling (Big cats) 9 Axe/Mace 12 Brawling 14 Broadsword 15 Carousing 11 Connoisseur (weapons) 9 Crossbow 13 Current affairs 10 Fast Draw (bolts) 14 Fast Draw (Sword) 14 First Aid (Human) 10 Forward Observer 9 Freight Handling 9 Geography 8 Hiking 10 Leadership 9 Polearm 12 Riding (Equines) 12 Saber 11 Savoir-Faire (Military) 10 Shield (shield) 15 Short Sword 13 Soldier 9 Spear 12 Stealth 12 Strategy (Land) 8 Survival (Plains) 9 Thrown Weapon (Spear) 13 Tracking 10 Dual-weapon attack (broadsword)15 Teaching 6 Hidden lore (Callusian Empire) 9 History (Callusian Empire) 8 Merchant 9 Tactics 8 Thaumatology 7

He’s currently a second in command to Lord Captain Caldor Tremelor in the auxiliary forces in Army of Light.


You ask me, if I’ve heard about the Legionaires of Callus? “Ha!”, I answer, “Of course I have. But then again who hasn’t?”

The old bard grumbles on and quickly forgets his question. Luckily he doesn’t see my fierce frown. Oh, I have heard about them alright. I used to be one. One of the best actually. I was there at the Plain of the Titan, when Balan the Bloody broke the People of War. I remember being so proud when he recognized and honored my squad and told me I had fought like a lion. I was there when Eubegium got her revenge on Scyllacuium. The harbour was filled with blood that day. I was even there at Civitas Victoriosa, when Callus himself destroyed the helpless barbarian horde. All seemed lost when he came, most of the Primogens alone and struggling, and almost all legionaires killed, but He didn’t flinch or back down and the power of his magic was unstoppable, unbeatable and totally unresistable.

It changed me.

It broke me.

It unleashed something within me.

That night a beast fled the Empire. And I haven’t been back since.

Decius Malthus

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